Today I heard a crack! I do not know how it happened; just remember that I got back.  Act of running away, run away from what?  Probably of an unavoidable and innocent situation; the explosion of the core of my body, my heart.  It had broken into tiny fragments as a mirror reflecting all of my stored memories.  The break made the cage of hope opened allowing her to ran off across the room, I wanted to have the energy to catch her but the pain didn’t let me.  The impact was not hard enough to turn the organ useless, and for me that would have been better than left him alive but broken, with missing parts in the corners.  I was afraid; perhaps the memories and the hope had fled.  I try to remember what racked it up  into pieces without mercy, and memory fails, my greatest fear becomes reality, the shock was so strong that I blocked myself.  Sooner or later comes to me a bit of memory … were the words, context, time, manner, everything participated to the horrible act. Not only was that, I think what rout the heart was the honest truth … the essence of all the factors, the reality.  It was the same hand that shook the heart that the one that got me off  the moon in a push… and I believe I landed frivolously back to earth, for what was left of me was lying on the ground. I just need a good adhesive and time to collect all the pieces of heart that I Iost today. But I also have the fear that one of these days  the glue won’t be enough to stick it back, and that with ice instead perhaps will work … but then my body will be cold enough to freeze my eyes and leave me blind so I wont see the spring anymore, just winter, only.

To the two lovers that for unknown reasons, at this time…were not.

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