I used to be a sailor…

There was a time in which I used to be a sailor and while I was navigating between the seas of broken words in the cruel waters of solitude, protecting myself with creative illusions and hopes of finding in the amplitude of the ocean someone willing to be more than a conditional companion, I found you.

Afraid, shy, and with eyes closed, I feared in my innocent confession of love a cold rejection. I admit you surprised me. But now…how am I going to return all the things you had done for me. No, don’t think I don’t need to, I believe is because you don’t know how much you had done for me. I could explain it with fancy words, with accurate information, with papers and drawings of how you made my heart beat again despite all the pieces were demolished. But I will, in fact, clarify you all the mess you fixed by becoming not only my lover…my best friend too. Let’s say you appeared in a critical moment in which I fell from the moon and got a big punch while I landed in the cruel reality of earth. And with this peculiar essay, which I try to make the best even though I accept english literature does not favor me, I  want to thank you the fact you guided me step by step on the ladder back to the white star that housed me.  But the problem now is I don’t find between the encyclopedia in my brain any word that can describe the feeling I have when I talk to you, I can’t find no picture that can capture the sensation that comes to me when you make me smile, I can’t embrace your body to show you I won’t leave or in other words…I can’t make the exact definition of the love I have for you. And I am conscious that I’m not perfect, I can’t offer what other girls might, either it’s not me or simply I can’t because the powerful arms of destiny has brought us the torture of distance. But I can offer to you all that I am, all that I have and all that I can do. I hope with this I can show you  how grateful I am that while I was navigating between the seas of broken words in the cruel waters of solitude…I found you.

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